Hi, I'm Alex. I graduated from FDU in July 2015, and now work at Eleme as a full-stack developer.

You will find me on github @syaning and npm @syaning. Or you can email me at syaningv(at)gmail.com.

Here you may find technical books I have read.


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  • ok
    The most simple but handy HTTP request library for Go.
  • zhihu-api
    Unoffocial API for zhihu. It implements the basic data APIs so you can use it to build your own crawler/spider. Python version is also available.
  • dict-en-zh
    An English-Chinese dictionary, both cli and a node module.
  • slim
    Just a slim jekyll theme.
  • vida
    A simple and beautiful jekyll theme.

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This site is powered by jekyll and hosted on github. The theme is slim created by myself.

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